Amazing Benefits Of Jujube 6 years ago

Amazing Benefits Of Jujube

Amazing Benefits Of Jujube

This bright, red-hued fruit comes with a handful of benefits in its kitty. Jujubes, popularly known as Chinese Dates, have remained as a vital ingredient in herbal medications in China and across other Asian countries.

1. Anti-cancerous properties

The water extracted from Chinese dates has the potential to inhibit cancerous cells, especially the ones triggering leukemia.

2. Aids in controlling body weight

Are you on a weight loss spree, and bored with simply eating oranges and melons? You can choose these luscious red dates. Their low calorie values put together with negligible fat content makes them ideal for snacks. This amazing fruit with the flavor of apples are quite popular among fitness freaks.

3. Strengthens human immune system

Being rich in vitamin C and A, and potassium, jujube helps in fortifying human immune system. Hence, it is ideal to brace yourself from cold and cough.

4. Calms your nervous system

The soothing effect of this wonderful fruit enables it to be used as a natural anti-depressant and sedative. The fruit is also ideal when it comes to easing anxiety and stress.

5. Storehouse of antioxidants

Being a good source of antioxidants, the fruit shields you against liver injuries and cancer. This fabulous fruit helps to keep the free radical level within the optimal limit.

6. Healthy and younger skin

The antioxidants present in the fruit makes it a natural anti-ageing agent, thus keeping your skin younger. The extracts of Chinese dates are widely used as remedies for skin redness, sunburns, and dryness.


7. Healthy digestive system

People suffering from constipation and other digestive problems can seek the help of these fruits. Along with promoting digestion, dry jujubes act as gentle laxatives. This amazing fruit also promotes appetite.

8. Powerhouse of energy

This humble fruit, despite being low in calories, is a good energy booster. So, just eat these fruits to get rid of your fatigue in a quicker way.

9. Healthy teeth, muscles, and bones

The presence of calcium and phosphorous in this magical fruit have proven to aid in strengthening your bones and teeth. Are you yearning for a toned look? Try this amazing low calorie fruit. This fabulous fruit contains around 3 milligrams magnesium per serving [28 grams] that helps in toning up the muscles.

10. Efficient pumping of blood

The 0.5 milligram niacin obtained from each jujube serving ensures effective and efficient pumping of blood, thus keeping your energy levels intact


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