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Easy Beauty Tips to Reinvent Your Look#980

#9 Get A Tan No one says sunkissed skin is reserved for summer months, a nice sunless tan is great all year round. So if you're feeling dull, drab, or gray, grab a bottle of your favorite tanner and give your skin a little pep. Just remember not to go overboard, a nice dark tan in August doesn't always translate into January. But once you get it right, everyone will believe you've just came fro ..


Easy Beauty Tips to Reinvent Your Look#8167

#8 Get A New Fragrance Although perfume doesn't change the way you look, it can change your vibe, which does change the way you're perceived by others. Let your fragrance be an inspiration and a motivator to a new you, by choosing meaningful scents. When chosen correctly, a new fragrance can make you feel sexy, sweet, powerful and even empowered. So have fun with it! The new you is just a few s ..


Easy Beauty Tips to Reinvent Your Look#7182

#7 Start Whitening Want to see a big improvement in your self-esteem? Teeth whitening can dramatically change the way you look. Start whitening your teeth and you'll smile wider and brighter. And while it's great to get a professional whitening done at your dentists office, there are also some affordable options you can buy over the counter to start whitening today.


Easy Beauty Tips to Reinvent Your Look#6101

#6 Switch To BB or CC Cream Tired of your old and boring make up routine? It's time to ditch your old and cakey foundation for BB cream or CC Cream. At first a fad, BB and CC cream have proven their staying power by winning over beauty conscious converts everywhere. BB cream makes getting ready a cinch by combining moisturizer, primer, tinted mineral coverage and SPF, all in one. If dark spots ..


Easy Beauty Tips to Reinvent Your Look#574

#5 Exfoliate Ever get to feeling dull and lackluster in the middle of your week? It's time for a mid week exfoliation treatment. With so many great high-end and over-the-counter products, it's fun to find the one that works for you. Exfoliating your skin will clear away dead, dry and flaky skin cells while making way for newer skin to come to the surface. The result from your midweek exfoliatio ..


Easy Beauty Tips to Reinvent Your Look#4112

#4 Get a New Signature Manicure When it comes to being pretty, prim and lady-like, every detail matters. From your toes to the tips of your fingers, modernizing your manicure is essential. These days, with so many trends and new products out there, you'll surely get noticed everywhere you go, even if it's the barista taking your order. The modern manicure has taken nail care to a whole other le ..


Easy Beauty Tips to Reinvent Your Look#363

#3 Wear Red Lipstick Nothing is more effortlessly sexy than red lips. If you want to change the way people perceive you, without having to do too much, invest in your favorite shade of red for your lips. Donning red lipstick draws immediate attention for your face and you'll feel different, simply by having it on. Sexy, sultry, bold and confident, wearing red lipstick is a quick and easy way to ..


Easy Beauty Tips to Reinvent Your Look#2126

#2 Play With Your Eyes There's nothing more captivating than a woman's gaze and now is a great time to revamp your eyes in dramatic fashion. Consider introducing a new palette for your eye shadow or switching in a blue eyeliner instead of your usual black. Experiment with the way you line your eyes or consider a bolder line. Just remember to not over-do it with the rest of your makeup if you do ..


Easy Beauty Tips to Reinvent Your Look#1186

#1 Switch Up Your Look It used to be that when a girl wanted to change her look, she'd have to shell out the big bucks for the salon or even cosmetic surgery. But getting a new look doesn't have to be expensive and these days, switching it up has never been easier and with minimal commitment. This means that you can change your look anytime of the week, whenever you feel like. Try these easy be ..