Different Kinds of Drinking Water 6 years ago

Different Kinds of Drinking Water

Not all water is the same! The best kind of water to drink is natural spring water. It’s natural, wholesome and as real as it can get. For those of you that drink bottled water, natural spring water should be your first choice as it provides the best hydration for your hair and body.

Another good choice is steam distilled water.

One that should be avoided is purified water. Why? Because purified water (reverse osmosis water) does not hydrate your hair and body well at all. Some other types of drinking water that contains reverse osmosis water include Dasani and Aqua Fina as well as most sparkling waters. Distilled water should not be consumed for more than just a few months because it does not have the minerals that natural spring water has and will eventually start to leach these minerals from your body.

If you prefer to drink tap water, it should be carbon filtered.



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