He cut his children’s throats 6 years ago

He cut his children’s throats

Zilin (4) and Ilias (6) stabbed to death
He cut the throat of his children
at 6.50 the dentist rang the Police
Dr. Fardeen A. (38) in the police car, later he will be transferred to a psychiatric ward.

Glinde near Hamburg: A neat house, children’s bicycles, a trampoline in the garden. Behind the white walls, a father destroyed his family in a few seconds, cutting the throats of his children.
Every thing appeared so peaceful….before the drama
Dr. Fardeen A, (38, born Afghan) worked as a dentist in Hamburg-Bergedorf, patients valued his friendly manner, colleagues his competence. He regularly brings flowers to his wife Behnas (30).

She brings her daughter Zilin (4) to the kindergarten and son Ilias (6) to primary school in the morning. He plays with the little ones in the evening. Recently the father offered his loved ones a holiday in Dubai.
After this he seems strangly intraverted, but initially the idyllic family picture did not change.

Thursday evening, the children are put to bed. They would never wake up again.

At 6.50 the father dials emergency. “I have killed my children” he says. When police enter the children’s room, the little ones lay side by side. Under their heads: blood.

The father is arrested, later a warrant for murder is issued. A.’s speech is confused, he is sent for psychiatric examination. According to a spokes person for the police, the man suffers from a mental illness which excludes him from criminal liability.

The prosecution investigates if the motif for the killings was religious fanatism. The mother collapses, receives counselling, moves in with her mother.

On monday 23, the teacher has to explain to the first class, why Ilias is not there any longer.


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