Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea 6 years ago

Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

8 Great Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a great herb that is used for thousands of years and mainly know for its sleeping and stomach problem healing properties. Besides these two major health benefits of chamomile tea; it also serves some other unavoidable healing benefits for our health. Let’s see what this flower can do for us.

Top 8 Healing Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea

1. Helps To Sleep Better

health benefits of chamomile teaIf you are running out of sleep or suffering from insomnia than chamomile tea is a great home remedy for you. Several studies have been done on this subject and chamomile tea linked to better sleeping aid. Taking a pure camellia tea before going to bed can promote your sleep faster and healthier. Helping people to get asleep is one most admirable health benefits of chamomile tea.

2. Stomach Heath

Another major benefits that chamomile tea is being praised for is curing many stomach problems and easing basic symptoms associated with indigestion and overall stomach health. It contains strong anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can reduce the severity of stomach cramp, stomach ache, flu, stomach acidity, bolting  and gas.

3. Reduce Skin Swelling

One study conducted by a German governmental organization demonstrated that chamomile tea can reduce swelling and fight with bacteria effectively. It is also beneficial for skin condition like eczema, chicken pox. Using chamomile tea infusion bath or extract can be good for these skin problems and other common swelling or infection.

4. Migraine Headache

Chamomile tea successfully helps people who are suffering from migraine pain attack severity. It makes muscle more relaxed and ensure better sleep which is a very common reason for migraine headache. Most importantly it helps to ease pain through easing some basic symptoms.  It is also beneficial for the occasional headache caused by flu, stress and anxiety.

5. Lighten Skin And Reduce Dark Circle

Besides health benefits of chamomile tea; this herb is one of favorite ingredients for beauty conscious people as a good home remedy. It’s especially effective for lightening skin and overall general skin care. Chamomile tea also works for removing dark circle under eye. For booth remedies , dip chamomile tea bag for 5 minutes and cool it enough to make it tolerable for external skin  use. Now take the tea bag and place it under eye and skin surface. You can also take hot steam of chamomile tea. Taking bath with chamomile tea is also beneficial for overall skin issue.

6. Hemorrhoids

For hemorrhoid sufferers, using ointment is a popular way to get rid of pain instantly. Chamomile tea is a great ointment for Hemorrhoids. One study showed the benefit of chamomile ointments in reducing the bowling movement of hemorrhoids .

7. Diabetes

People with diabetes can enjoy the wonderful health benefits of chamomile tea by taking few cups of tea daily. It helps to manage diabetes and lowering blood sugar level. In a study conducted by Diabetes Research Centre, reported people who were taking chamomile tea daily were able to drop their blood sugar in a quarter. Now it is huge successes who are seeking for suitable home remedies for diabetics. It works with blood sugar level without affecting insulin system.

8. Immune System Booster

Chamomile tea found to be best immune system booster tea. In a recent study showed people who consumed more than two cups of Chamomile tea a day boosted their antibacterial element in the body called hippurate. It also contains some antioxidant ingredients that helps to build strong immune system.


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