This report is about the former Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs 6 years ago

This report is about the former Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs

This report is about the former Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and his adulterous adventures. 
Dr. Abdullah, who always had a fetish for outspoken women, had met Chekeba Hashimi during her visits to Panjshir Afghanistan prior to 2001.  She was providing services to late Ahmad shah Masood.  Chekeba Hashemi , a Franco-Afghan with mediocre education, exploited the name of Commandant Masood to make a name for herself.  She also seized the opportunity to make fortune, by supporting the Northern Alliance party.
Post 2001, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah the newly appointed Foreign Minister of Afghanistan took her in his arms (literally). In addition to giving her large sums of money regularly, he appointed Chekeba (who couldn’t read or write any of the Afghan languages) first secretary at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Brussels Belgium. Furthermore, Abdullah Abdullah got her involved in Masood’s Foundation and provided her with additional funds to open Afghanistan Libre brunch in Brussels Belgium, mainly for money laundering purposes. Within a short span of time, Chekeba purchased properties in Europe and Afghanistan.
Abdullah Abdullah and Chekeba Hashemi were not concern about (conflict of interest) while working for the government of Afghanistan and conducting their private businesses at the same time. Chekeba and Abdullah‘s exploited the Afghan government recourses, while collecting (donations) through Masood’s foundation and Afghanistan Libre Association for personal gain.
Chekeba and Abdullah have met often in Paris and other European cities from 2002 to 2005. Abdullah admired Chekeba’s confidence and use to say:”she has a special talent for entertainment, she dances naked for me while I sip red wine.”
Dr. Abdullah’s illegitimate relationship with Chekeba advanced sharply to the point that she was sure of marrying him. Therefore, Chekeba was often going to Panjshir to establish ties with Dr. Abdullah’s sister Razia Dashty and after a while they formed a close bond.
Razia Dashty is a woman who has never put a foot in school, coarse and unrefined; she occupies and maintains Abdullah’s house in Dashtak Panjshir.  Razia is well known in the Panjshir Valley for her vulgar personality, but she is also known to be a good hostess who cooks delicious Afghan food.   One day Razia Dashty receives a delegation of women including Qanooni’s wife, who asked Razia “Do you live here with Dr. Abdullah?”Razia replayed “No, Abdullah lives with me, Dashtak is my home!”
Deep down Razia hated Abdullah, once she said: “Abdullah is a worst human being, when our mother was very sick, Abdullah did not care and even didn’t take her for medical treatments and she died.”   Razia also doesn’t get along with Abdullah’s wife Fakria, she resents her of living peacefully in India and preventing Abdullah to transfer the Dashtak property to her name.
The only person Razia liked was Chekeba, because Chekeba was very talented and extra charming, especially when she has an ulterior motive. Chekeba promised Razia, that as soon as she is married to Abdullah, she will take her to France to live there permanently.  Chekeba quickly learned about Razia’s unpleasant feelings for Abdullah’s wife Fakhria, and that increased her chance to get married to Abdullah. Razia was well aware of Abdullah and Chekeba’s love affair.  Razia was concealing their adulterous relationship especially when Abdullah was visiting Chekeba in Panjshir.  Razia for different reasons became fond of Chekeba and wanted her to get married to Abdullah. This was Razia’s only opportunity to escape Dashtak for a better life in France. 
However, when Chekeba got pregnant from Abdullah Abdullah, Razia would advise Chekeba to abort the baby.  Because she was afraid about Fakhria’s reaction if she finds out that she was an accomplice in this.
And surprisingly, Abdullah’s wife Fakhria learned about Chekeba and Abdullah’s adulterous relationship. Fakhria confronted Razia about the scandal, and Razia afraid of being thrown out of the property didn’t show any favoritism toward Chekeba, which led to the deterioration of their relationship.
Fakria then confronted Abdullah giving him an ultimatum and said: “either you divorce me or you leave Chekeba!” The crisis between the couple grows very large.  The rejected and pregnant Chekeba declared war on Abdullah, and denounced the Northern Alliance movement.
Ahmad Wali Masood, tryed to repair the damages caused by Abdullah‘s immoral actions and told Chekeba, that her personal problems with Abdullah, should not undermine the Northern Alliance.
The most shocking affairs Abdullah had, was with Hassina Shirjan in 2003. Hassina at that time was the wife of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Abdullah was very ruthless in her relationship with Hassina Shirjan.  He has promised Hassina to marry her if she were to divorce her husband.
Abdullah and Hassina’s love affair was known to the entire employees of Afghan Foreign Ministry.  Dr. Abdullah (the Foreign Minister) had given Hassina the task of decorating his office in order to facilitate her visits. However, during one of her visits, Abdullah couldn’t resist Hassina and the two lovers took the risk of getting sexually engaged in the office in the Foreign Ministry. It was then that both of them (Hassina and Abdullah) were caught in action. The news of Minister of Foreign Affair’s inappropriate sexual misconduct spread like a wild fire circumnavigate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the political environment in Kabul in 2003.
As usual Abdullah often does best, ignored and concealed the truth like nothing happened and denyed that the claim was just a baseless rumor. However, this scandal forced Hassina to divorce her husband and turn to Abdullah.  Abdullah a well known womanizer, only had sexual interest in Hassina and never wanted to marry her. This incident became a good excuse for Abdullah to abandon Hassina and end the relationship. Once again, the woman in this reality (Hassina shirjan) lost everything, and since maintained a fierce hatred toward (Abdullah) a man who looks so kind and convincing on the outside, but is an evil person and a monstrous sexual predator in the inside.



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